Far Cry 6: Navigating the Chaotic Landscape of Revolution and Ridiculousness


Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 thrusts players into the tumultuous world of Yara, a fictional Cuban-inspired paradise grappling with political unrest under the rule of President Antón Castillo. As the narrative unfolds, players witness the authoritarian leader’s relentless pursuit of a miracle drug called Viviro, derived from Yara’s tobacco crops. Despite its serious undertones, the game maintains Far Cry’s trademark blend of open-world chaos, absurdity, and offbeat humor.

Game Overview:

Far Cry 6, created and released by Ubisoft, may be played on a number of platforms, including as PC, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. With a release date of October 7, 2021, and a price tag of $59.99, the game promises a familiar cocktail of explosive action, open-world exploration, and an engaging storyline.

Dictatorship and Deviation:

The game kicks off with President Antón Castillo, portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito, delivering a televised address outlining his plans to elevate Yara on the global economic stage through the cultivation of Viviro. However, as expected in the Far Cry universe, the president’s authoritarian regime quickly descends into brutality, with citizens forced into labor camps or facing gunfire for resisting. This narrative setup, while a series staple, raises eyebrows due to its abrupt transition from exposition to inhumane actions.

Two Sides of Chaos:

Far Cry has built a reputation for embracing its own absurdity since Far Cry 3, offering players a mix of free-form fun and chaotic warfare in exotic locales. Far Cry 6 follows suit, casting players as Dani Rojas, an ex-soldier aligned with the revolutionary group Libertad. The gameplay revolves around rallying support from allies across the vast country of Yara by completing missions and engaging in various activities.

Ubiquitous Frivolity:

Ubisoft has progressively streamlined the Far Cry experience, making navigation and combat more accessible. The game encourages players to wreak havoc in inventive ways, from hijacking tanks to igniting explosive mayhem in enemy bases. Because of the open-world layout, emergent situations are possible, such player-initiated shootouts.

Instruments of Chaos:

Animal buddies are a new addition to Far Cry 6, taking the place of the previous game’s controlled human AI. Players can recruit a variety of quirky animals, including an attack crocodile, a punk-rock rooster, and a dachshund in a tiny wheelchair. Additionally, the game features “Supremos” and “Resolvers,” offering over-the-top backpacks for super attacks and unconventional weapons crafted by the eccentric arms dealer Juan Cortez.

Performance Notes:

While the game excels in delivering chaotic gameplay, its technical performance on PC is not without flaws. The inclusion of “ray tracing” options may not be a game-changer, and issues such as screen tearing on current-gen consoles suggest room for improvement in optimization.

Questionable Progressions:

Far Cry 6 introduces a new progression system, tying the acquisition of powerful gear to Dani’s experience level. This shift, while interesting, slows down character progression, limiting access to advanced weaponry. The game’s crafting mechanics, particularly the workbench, receive mixed reviews, with some features feeling underutilized or unnecessary.

Endless Shootouts and Stealth Challenges:

Combat in Far Cry 6 offers moments of enjoyment, especially when experimenting with diverse weapon combinations. However, the game’s combat mechanics can feel repetitive, lacking variety in enemy reactions and mission dynamics. Stealth implementation is inconsistent, marred by detection bugs and instances where the game fails to adhere to its own rules.

Storytelling Shifts:

A notable departure from its predecessors, Far Cry 6 adopts third-person cutscenes, giving a cinematic touch to the narrative. The protagonist, Dani Rojas, stands out as engaging, supported by well-acted characters. Despite the game’s flaws, including questionable narrative decisions, the storytelling remains a highlight.


Far Cry 6, with its blend of chaotic gameplay and a darker narrative, caters to fans of the franchise. While it grapples with technical issues, progression quirks, and occasional narrative missteps, the game manages to provide moments of mindless fun. For those willing to overlook its flaws, Far Cry 6 offers an opportunity to dive into an open-world adventure filled with explosions, quirky characters, and the unpredictable chaos synonymous with the Far Cry series.

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